the starting point:  getting to know you.  our introductory consultation:

Are you considering remodeling an existing home or breaking ground on a new-build project?  Do you simply want a warm and welcoming home that lifts your spirits every time you walk through your door?  Perhaps you're contemplating handling a project, on your own, and a one-time consultation would provide you with a great direction and sound advice.  Have you previously had an experience where the time and investment left you wanting more?  Questions like these provide a place for us to begin the process of discovery, leading you to a home of remarkable beauty and meaning.

Let's Connect!

Completing our < contact form > allows us to schedule an introductory call to get acquainted.  We’ll discuss your project and plan for the direction of your consultation.  

Next, We'll Schedule:  Planning for our Initial, Introductory Meeting

Upon determining the focus of our consultation, we can begin to understand and define your project priorities.  Prior to our meeting, we'll email some helpful information to help you prepare for our visit. 

The Consultation

We'll spend time reviewing your space and/or your project plans.   We'll ask questions, (without being intrusive), regarding your routines and your interests.  We even have a fun and exclusive method to quickly define your design style and preferences!  We'll want to conceive what your ideal home looks like, considering all the lovely moments and the spaces that sustain you . . .  the moments and spaces that form a life---your life.  

Our Introductory Consultation will be planned with two, distinctively different goals in mind:  

1.  The Starting Point:  Full-Service Focus, Remodeling, or New Build Consultation

If full-service design is desired, we’ll discuss your projected timelines and budgetary goals for bringing your project to the finishing point.  We’ll also share before and after examples of recently completed projects to provide an illustration of how we work. We’ll welcome your questions; in fact, we’ll look forward to them.  It’s a perfect way for everyone to get to know each other, and for everyone’s voices to be heard!

We may determine, ahead of time, to add an extra hour for gathering even more important information.  Measuring and documenting details, through photographs, can provide us with enough information to progress to the next phase of our full-service process.  We'll discuss what that would entail and the investment for our exclusive Master Plan.

  • Please click < Here >to learn more about our Full-Service Interior Design/Re-Design Service and our process. 
  • Please click <  Here > to learn more about our Remodeling and New Build Consultations and our process.

2.  The Starting Point:  Consultation-Only Focus

If you're considering doing the work on your own, this is a great way to initiate your project without making a long-term commitment.  We ask that this consultation be limited to one or two areas, due to the time allocation.  Think of this as a way to received laser-focused advice for the following "How-to's":   planning for furniture purchases, room arrangement, window treatment ideas, color palette selections, bookcase styling, backsplash design, how to identify priority purchases, or where to begin when considering remodeling or refreshing a room,  Before we leave, you’ll have a list of notes to follow.  Of course, if after this meeting, we determine either our Full-Service or Designer for the Day option would be a better way to realize your dream project, we can happily advance you to one of these service levels.  

  • Please click < Here > to learn more about our Designer for the Day Service and our process.

In Summary

Since we believe that great design takes place within our creative exchange, we'll look forward to sharing our inspiring solutions, knowing they'll be refined as we move forward.   This two to two-and-a-half hour, in-home consultation is our first step in providing guidance, understanding your needs, and hopefully, igniting the vision that will be expressed when we design your home.   

Fee:   $695.00 for a maximum of 2.5 hours for this visit.  Please note our initial fee allows for pre-meeting prep and follow-up notes to be shared at the end of the meeting.